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Sunday, January 25, 2009


We have some great videos of President Barack Obama and his beautiful wife, Michelle! This has been an amazing journey - let's continue to support him! Check out some of our new videos below: · Barack & Michelle Obama's First Da nce At Neighborhood Ball (With Beyonce Singing "At Last") · President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address (FULL) · President Obama gets funky and does "The Bump" · Obama takes historic oath · Aretha Franklin sings during inaugural ceremonies · Do the "Obama Hustle"! · The "Obama Hustle" (Part 2)! · "Yes We Can" Obama Dance · Martin Luther King Jr.'s prediction about Barack Obama's presidency - (this is Amazing!) · Obama: "A Change is Gonna Come" · "Good Crazy" - Rev. Joseph Lowery · "Where We're Going" · We Are The Ones Song by - Obama
It was my privilege and honor to participate in the Inauguration festivities, of course connecting with my Maryland Women for Obama sisters U.S. Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards, Walakewon Blegay and State Senator Verna Jones was a fitting end to the day. YES WE DID!!

The new chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Governor Tim Kaine.

There were so many activities for progressive women such as U.S. Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards to attend as we craft our change agenda. It gives one a feeling of comfort to know that we have serious hardworking elected officials representing Maryland.

My son Charles escorts me to the Mid-Atlantic Ball. We enjoyed the performance of Wyclef Jean, check out the video!

President Obama and theFirst Lady arrive at the Mid-Atlantic Ball.

This post has pictures from the Harvard Law School reception at the historic Willard Hotel, the Women's Leadership Luncheon, the Inauaguration Swearing-In Ceremony, the Mid-Atlantic Ball and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) meeting on Wednesday January 21, 2009. What a way to begin a year, the Democratic Party will need our continued energy and support to deliver the CHANGE that people want. Please click on the link below to see a unique panoramic view of January 20, 2009: