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Sunday, June 08, 2008


I Iattended the Prince George's for Obama picnic and saw so many of our Women for Obama volunteers, working. Catherine Burt and I remember our first event, the Iowa Watch Party in Brandywine, we had no idea what was ahead of us!!
We both agree, it was worth the time and effort, now we need to take a deep breath and get ready for the BIG DANCE - THIS IS IT !!!!
Barack Obama vs. John McCain:
Read about Records on Reproductive Rights and Other Issues Women Care About

Barack Obama:

Received a 100% pro-choice vote rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America

Obama received a 100% rating from the Illinois Planned Parenthood Council as a state senator for all years where ratings were available and was endorsed by the council in his 2002 race for U.S. Senate.

Obama was the only presidential candidate who rose in support of Illinois Planned Parenthood when their new Aurora clinic faced a threatened shut-down last year.

Obama was the ONLY U.S. Senator who helped raise funds in 2006 to successfully repeal a South Dakota law that banned abortions.

In 2005 Obama voted to repeal the Mexico Policy, which bars U.S. air to international family planning organizations that provide or promote abortion.

As an Illinois state senator, Obama supported a successful law to require insurance plans to cover FDA-approved contraceptives in Illinois.

Obama co-sponsored legislation with Sen. Claire McCaskill to make birth control affordable for low-income women and students after Federal changes to regulations caused birth control costs to skyrocket.

Obama voted against allowing anti-abortion activists to escape court-ordered fines or judgments by filing for bankruptcy protection.

Obama twice voted against making it a crime to take a minor across state lines for an abortion.

As an Illinois state Senator, Obama worked closely with the Illinois Pro-choice community - led by Planned Parenthood - to employ a "present vote" strategy to successfully defeat a series of anti-choice legislation proposed by republicans.

Obama sponsored a bill to provide information about emergency contraception to sexual assault victims.

Obama Passed the Prevention First Act. Obama co-sponsored the Prevention First Act which increases funding to family planning programs.

Obama has said that protecting and safeguarding Roe v. Wade will be a priority in his administration. Fight AIDS Worldwide.
There are 40 million people across the planet infected with HIV/AIDS. As president, Obama will continue to be a global leader in the fight against AIDS. Obama believes in working across party lines to combat this epidemic and recently joined Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) at a large California evangelical church to promote greater investment in the global AIDS battle.

John McCain:

McCain has received a 0% pro-choice rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America

Since 1983, in votes in the House and the Senate (where he has served since 1987), McCain has cast 130 votes on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues. 125 of those votes were anti-choice.

McCain co-sponsored and voted for the Federal Abortion Ban.

He voted to uphold the Global Gag Rule. The Global and Gag Rule is a policy that bans aid to global and if they use their own funds to provide legal abortion services or even adopt a pro-choice position. He has also voted for a similar a ban on grants for domestic health centers that offer abortion or take a pro-choice position.

McCain has consistently voted against legislation requiring insurance companies to cover birth control.

He voted against legislation that established criminal and civil penalties for those who use threats and violence to keep women from gaining access to reproductive health clinics.

McCain voted to shut down the Title X family-planning program. This program provides millions of women with health care services ranging from birth control to cancer screenings.

McCain has consistently voted against expanding access to programs that reduce pregnancy and the need for abortion and in favor of abstinence-only programs.

Voted to impose a Federal Parental Consent Law on teens seeking birth control.

McCain has pledged to fill Supreme Court vacancies with justices who will overturn Roe. V. Wade. McCain voted for four anti-choice nominees for the Supreme Court including Roberts and Alito.

Voted against reauthorizing the State Children’s Health Insurance Program for five years. McCain voted against reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program for five years. His health care plan provdes $2 billion in tax cuts to health insurance

When Congress was considering the Family and Medical Leave Act in 1993, McCain voted to suspend it.