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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We are registering Lottie, Dottie & EVERYBODY here in Prince George's County and beyond !!!

While at the historic Democratic National Convention I attended a seminar where Cornell Belcher, the pollster for the campaign told us that a total of 60,249,452 young whites, African-Americans and Hispanics reresent 29% of eligible voters, but they represent 42% of unregisterd voters! So when you moan and groan about the polls that show who the most likley registered voters are supporting you need to find a young white person, an African-American or one of your Latino friends and find someone to register to vote and make sure that they vote.

So there are 60,249,452 people 18-24 years old that are white, African-American and Hispanic and then there are those in that are over 24 that are white, African-American and Hispanic that we need to register and get to the polls.

There is some concern brewing that voter registration is being jeopardized.
Don't assume that since you have voted in the past that your voter
registration is still active. Some people have recently checked to find out
that they are no longer registered. Their registration has mysteriously
disappeared even though they have been registered to vote for years.

For Maryland residents, you can click on the link below to check to make
sure you are still registered.

We can make a difference this November. If you are not registered to vote,
you can click on the following link for a voter registration form which
must be filled out and mailed before October 14th to vote in the general

The deadline to request an Absentee ballot in Maryland is October 28, 2008. You may vote absentee if you are not able to vote at the polls on Election Day (because you want to volunteer in a swing state). ABSENTEE BALLOTS DO COUNT!!!! (Ask Congresswoman Donna Edwards)

The Prince George's County Board of Elections is located @ 16201 Trade Zone Avenue, Suite 108, Upper Marlboro, MD and will be open from 9:00 -2:00 for voter registration on the following Saturdays: September 13, 20. & 27 and October 4 & 11. The telephone number is (301) 430-8020 website:

We are at a point in the election where we must stay focused on the goal, THE WHITE HOUSE! Right now there are more registered DEMOCRATS in the country than republicans. We must energize our base all over the country and get them to the polls on November 4, 2008. Your friends and neighbors are counting on you to provide them with accurate information.

So, let's get busy. We need to understand how can people register to vote, when is the last day to register to vote and how are people able to vote early.

Pass the word....

Peace, KPO