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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Obama Campaign Launches Maryland Women for Obama Leadership Committee
Chicago, IL – The Obama campaign announced the Women for Obama Leadership committee in Maryland today. The Maryland state committee will join similar structures in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and other key February 5th states set up to lead a national network of 20,000 women who are organizing on behalf of Barack Obama. The campaign also recently introduced a new video focused on women that will be shown at the kickoff event this evening. The video can be viewed at “What I am hearing from women across the country is that they are looking for a leader who will put them first, who will remember that balancing work and family is a challenge for millions. When our leaders forget that fact we lose focus on what is important,” said Barack Obama. “The values I learned as the son of a single mother, as the grandson of a strong Midwestern woman and from my wife and two daughters are a not only a part of who I am, but a part of what keeps me fighting for change we can believe in.” “Every woman I know, regardless of race, education, income and background, is struggling to keep her head above water. We have spent the last decade talking a good game about family values, but I haven’t seen much evidence that we actually value women or families. But we have a real opportunity in this election to create major change – to bring everyone to the table like never before – to get women and families the support they need to not only survive but thrive,” said Michelle Obama. Since the launch of Women for Obama in April, the group has played a key role in Barack Obama’s campaign for President. By focusing on fundraising, grassroots and online organizing, Women for Obama has built a network of women who will play an instrumental role in sending Barack Obama to the White House. Maryland Women for Obama Steering Committee Members Include:State Senator Verna Jones, Baltimore CityState Senator Lisa Gladden, Baltimore CityState Delegate Aisha Braveboy, Prince George's CountyState Delegate Jolene Ivey, Prince George's CountyState Delegate Cheryl Glen, Baltimore CityState Delegate Sue Kullen, Calvert CountyState Delegate Gerron Levi, Prince George's CountyCouncilwoman Helen Holton, Baltimore CityCouncilwoman Jennifer Terrasa, Howard County Councilwoman Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, President of Baltimore City CouncilState's Attorney Patricia Jessamy, Baltimore CityBoard of Education Member Dr. Judy Docca, Montgomery County Councilmember Moonyene Jackson-Amis, Eastern Shore
Penny McCrimmon, Baltimore County
Alice Torriente, Baltimore CityVeris Lee, Baltimore CitySharane Miller, Baltimore CityKathleen Miller, Baltimore CountyErnestine Jolivet, Baltimore CountyKarren Pope Onwukwe, Prince George's CountyWalakewon Blegay, Prince George's CountyRoxanne Taylor, Prince George's CountyCorriece Gwynn, Prince George's CountyPatrice Alexander Ficklin, Prince George's CountyVanessa Ali, Montgomery CountyJean Bailey, Montgomery CountyBonita Phinney, Ann Arundel CountyCorey Paterson, Maryland Students for Barack ObamaChristine Kennard, Howard County### FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 6, 2007Contact: Obama Press; (312) 819-2423


Maryland Women for Obama

Maryland On Sunday October 7, 2007 thirteen women from all across Maryland representing private industry, government agencies, union workers, students, the faith community, seniors and community advocates came together to begin organizing the “Maryland Women for Obama” movement and Steering Committee, chaired by State Senator Verna Jones from Baltimore, Maryland. Since October the women have joined forces in diverse communities through out the state to raise thousands of dollars, canvass many neighborhoods, attend community events, host local events and participate in Camp Obama campaign training sessions. Now, barely eight weeks old the “Maryland Women for Obama” movement has grown to over 350 female grassroots volunteers and 13 elected officials. They are well on their way to raising significant resources for Barack Obama’s December surge in Iowa and New Hampshire. The women keep coming because:
“Senator Barack Obama embodies the vision, values, and perspective that this country needs to bring about hope and prosperity for all. As an elected official, I sincerely appreciate his integrity, intellect and sincere desire to lead.” State Senator Verna Jones – Baltimore City and Chair, Maryland Women for Obama “America has lost faith with our claim of being the ‘land of opportunity’; I want to bring that back for my grandchildren.” Natalie Besanson – Anne Arundel County “Senator Obama and his wife Michelle are wonderful role models of a family that has balanced family, career and politics without sacrificing their principles, values and morals in order to succeed.” The Honorable Aisha Braveboy – Prince George’s County “Barack Obama is intelligent, honest and caring. He has a vision to bring this diverse country together.” Alice Brailey Torriente – Baltimore City “Barack Obama is committed to change. I believe that he can renew our civil liberties and social policies that have been eroded by the Bush Administration.” Penny McCrimmon – Baltimore County “Senator Obama represents a new direction for America; because of his grassroots organizing he understands the needs of the people.” Walakewon Blegay – Prince George’s County “He is against the War in Iraq” Christine Kennard – Howard County “He is an advocate for Women’s Rights and he has keen vision about implementing universal health care.” Bonita D. Phinny – Anne Arundel County “At last a leader of the people, for the people” The Honorable Moonyene Jackson-Amis – Eastern Shore “I’ve known Barack since we attended Harvard Law School together. I’m proud to have supported him for every political office he’s sought, from his bid for the Illinois legislature to his current presidential campaign. Over all these years, I’ve been impressed with Barack’s compassion, intellect, and character. I can’t imagine a better person to serve as our next President.” Patrice Alexander Ficklin – Prince George’s County
The following names are the 14 elected officials that are members of the Maryland Women for Obama Leadership Council: 1. State Senator Verna Jones, Baltimore City 2. State Senator Lisa Gladden, Baltimore City 3. State Delegate Aisha Braveboy, Prince George's County 4. State Delegate Jolene Ivey, Prince George's County 5. State Delegate Cheryl Glen, Baltimore City 6. State Delegate Sue Kullen, Calvert County 7. State Delegate Gerron Levi, Prince George's County 8. Councilwoman Helen Holton, Baltimore City 9. Councilwoman Jennifer Terrasa, Howard County 10. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore City Council President 11. State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy, Baltimore City 12. Board of Education Member Dr. Judy Docca, Montgomery County 13. Councilmember Moonyene Jackson-Amis, Eastern Shore
14. Penny McCrimmon, Baltimore County

The following 15 women are the Maryland Women for Obama Steering Committee
1. Alice Torriente, Baltimore City 2. Veris Lee, Baltimore City 3. Sharane Miller, Baltimore City 4. Kathleen Miller, Baltimore County 5. Ernestine Jones-Jolivet, Baltimore County 6. Karren Pope Onwukwe, Prince George's County 7. Walakewon Blegay, Prince George's County 8. Roxanne Taylor, Prince George's County 9. Corriece Gwynn, Prince George's County 10. Patrice Alexander Ficklin, Prince George's County 11. Vanessa Ali, Montgomery County 12. Jean Bailey, Montgomery County 13. Bonita Phinney, Ann Arundel County 14. Corey Paterson, Maryland Students for Barack Obama 15. Christine Kennard, Howard County


Saturday, December 01, 2007

2007 DNC Fall Meeting

I have pledged my vote at the 2008 Democratic Natonal Convention in support of Senator Barack Obama's nomination as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States of America because I believe that he is the candidate that can run a truly inclusive campaign in the general election and recapture the White House.
Like you, I have seen Senator Obama help unify Democrats all across America and especially here in Maryland before and after the last round of congressional elections. Just as Barack Obama helped Senator Ben Cardin to defeat a strong Republican candidate by addressing Obama's positive vision of America and rallying all of us to come together to support Democratic principles to win in Maryland and solidify a majority in the U.S. Congress, I believe Obama will do the same thing in a national campaign.
Senator Barack Obama will unite rank and file Americans whether Democratic, Republican or Independent that is the only way to end gridlock and move our country forward.
To view the Senator's speech please click on the link below: