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Thursday, May 08, 2008


South Carolina started it and North Carolina ended it!!

I was blessed to be in South Carolina when Senator Obama won, but nothing can compare with working the polls in this historic campaign with my son Charles Onwukwe, Jr. (a rising sophomore at St. Augustine's College in Raliegh, North Carolina)! We spent the day working the poll at Walnut Terrace in Raliegh. As we drove back to Maryland Charles and I had a very long serious conversation about the future. I am proud of Charles and his heart for people and desire for a more perfect world. I hope that I am doing my part to make it possible for people like Charles to change the world. I believe that he has the capacity to do anything that he sets his mind to do. YES WE CAN !
More and more super delegates are publicly endorsing OBAMA for president, click on article below: