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Monday, August 27, 2007


American Majority Partnership Summit
Las Vegas, Nevada

As your Maryland representative to the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) I attended the 2007 Summit at the Paris/Bally’s Hotels August 23-25, 2007. The Summit was hosted by the DNC’s five constituency caucuses – APIA, Black, Hispanic, LGBT and Women’s Caucuses to enable them to strategize on how we can work together to elect a Democratic president in 2008. The DNC brought the groups together for three days of training and dialogue.
The Summit participants received briefings on the delegate selection process and the upcoming Democratic convention, issue briefings, strategies on running for office, faith in action, and Next Gen internet Strategies. A result of the Summit was the formation of regional working groups to find ways in which we can work across constituencies to motivate and mobilize communities to vote Democratic in the 2008 presidential election. The goal is to ensure that we will not be divided by categories; but we will work together with hope and optimism.

A highlight of the Summit was luncheon speaker, AMEC Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie, she spoke from the book of Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes:

"Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed No more backward thinking time for thinking ahead The world has changed so very much From what it used to be There is so much hatred, war, and poverty"

The issues that the DNC has focused on are:
1. IRAQ – We must support a plan to begin removing troops.

2. Culture of Corruption – We must get a signed Ethics bill.
(Scooter Libby/Alberto Gonzales)

3. Don’t ask don’t tell – We must repeal this failed policy.

4. Voter Protection – We must protect everyone’s right to vote and have their vote counted in 2008. (Baltimore, Montgomery, Prince George’s)

The DNC Fall Meeting will be held in Baltimore, Maryland November 29 through December 1, 2007. Remember, the Democratic Convention is scheduled to convene August 25, 2008 in Denver, Colorado all delegates to the convention must be selected by June 21, 2008.