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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Isolation of Older Americans

 A recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune highlighted the research of Jessica Finlay, an environmental gerontologist at the University of Minnesota, who spent over a year interviewing numerous seniors living throughout the city. What she found was that small features often made the most difference for livability. For instance, high curbs, bumps, and cracks in sidewalks were cited as physical hazards that kept seniors from venturing out. In contrast, shade trees, benches, and sitwalls were highly valued microfeatures that enabled them to enjoy neighborhood walks and more easily run errands on foot. Additionally, she found that elders who were “enmeshed in their communities,” whether it be through church, volunteering, or intergenerational living rated much higher on her “happiness” scale.

This article discusses some remedies to senior isolation:

Isolation of Older Americans