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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

White politicians are using redistricting to try and hold on to power

 According to the Brennan Center for Justice data, Brennan Center Data minority populations have increased and should be reflected in increased representation in the U. S. Congress. But white politicians are using gerrymandered redistricting maps to stay in office.

"To spotlight our country’s evolving racial and ethnic makeup, the Brennan Center analyzed the demographic trends of four states: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. We found that all four states are experiencing rapid population growth among Black, Latino, and Asian communities, which should translate into more political power as states redraw their legislative and congressional maps to better reflect their diversifying populations.

Yet this almost certainly won’t happen.

In all four states, the redistricting process is controlled by one party, in this case, the Republican Party. All four states also have an ugly recent history of redistricting abuses and racial discrimination. And all four states have seen the demographics of their suburbs change dramatically, despite often being originally designed to exclude people of color."